Rooftop solar continues to break records

By Country News

Rooftop solar is continuing to boom in Australia, with the 2018 installation rate soaring above 2017’s record rate.

Thanks to improved technology and larger rooftop installs, the total kilowatt capacity of rooftop solar is 56 per cent above last year, and the number of systems installed has increased 32 per cent on the same period last year.

This is the equivalent of more than 500 solar installations every day on Australian rooftops. Rooftop solar installed just in the month of April delivered $191million in electricity bill savings.

Employment is also booming, with the design, installation and sale of rooftop solar contributing just under 5500 full-time jobs, more than a third of Australia’s total electricity generation workforce.

Projections based on the current rate of rooftop solar uptake suggest up to 1500MW in total will be installed by year’s end, smashing last year’s record for total installs which was 1072MW.

These statistics come from April’s Renewable Energy Index, released by Green Energy Markets:

■There were 108MW of rooftop solar installed in April, with each month so far in 2018 exceeding 100MW of installs.

■The amount installed in the past four months will generate more electricity than what is consumed by households in major regional cities like Darwin, Geelong, Newcastle, Toowoomba or Bunbury.

■In April, renewables made up 19.8 per cent of the electricity generated in Australia’s main grids.

■Enough renewable energy was generated in April to power 8.4million homes.