From the past: Gouda capacity grows

By Country News

From The Shepparton News on April 28, 1972:

The Girgarre Cheese Co has a magnificent new maturing room for its gouda cheeses.

It is capable of storing up to 20000 wheels of gouda, each weighing 19 pounds, with space for another 10000 in an older maturing room next door. Some 30000 cheeses — to see them is an unforgettable experience.

Serried ranks of smoothly rounded, golden goudas rise majestically to the ceiling to delight the eye with their abundance.

This much can be described or photographed.

What makes the visit truly memorable is the delightful but undesirable aroma.

It comes from the fresh-made cheeses and the thick, smooth-planed pine planks on which they quietly rest.

Possibly the closest description is: something of the sweetness of honey and the zesty smell of a pine forest.

It is worth a visit to Girgarre just for this pleasure alone.

Milk from the prosperous dairy farms of the fertile Goulburn Valley irrigation area is made into cheddar, gouda, edam, taffel, samsoe, feta, romano, tilsit and magnificent blue vein cheeses.

Cheese club members throughout Australia should be fairly familiar with the Girgarre blue vein, ‘Charta’ brand mature cheddar, taffel and samsoe, because these are widely distributed.

However, the excellent Girgarre gouda, alas, is almost exclusively made for the Japanese market, although a small quantity does reach Australian cheese shops occasionally.

Gouda is, in fact, produced at Girgarre in greater volume than any other cheese type and such is its quality, Japanese buyers say it is one of the world’s best for their requirements.

No wonder then, the Girgarre company was recently forced to extend its gouda cheese factory to cope with increased demand.

The company is the only Australian producer of rinded gouda cheese for Japan, all of which goes to Snow Brand Milk Products, about 150 tonnes a month.