Young speaker impresses judges

By Country News

‘‘G’day son, where’ve you been?’’ is a familiar question in Isaac King’s house.

But unlike most other Year 4 students, his answer is often ‘‘just at the Violet Town library, Dad’’.

Yet it’s not the books that keep bringing the young Peranbin Primary College student back to the Cowslip St location, as he told a crowd at a recent public speaking competition, but rather the wi-fi.

Growing up in what Isaac describes as a virtually technology-free house — ‘‘We hardly have a working CD player!’’ — his often daily trips to the library fill him with much excitement.

‘‘My mum has pretty much made a religion out of no internet,’’ Isaac told the crowd at the Lions junior public speaking competition in Benalla on July 22.

‘‘She has no idea! For a kid like me, whose mum gets a rash as soon as a screen is turned on at home, YouTube is awesome.

‘‘Where else can a 10-year-old boy watch clips about people dropping watermelons from 45 feet?’’

Presenting to a panel of three judges, Isaac had much of the crowd in stitches, retelling his technological escape to the nearby library.

For the young primary school student the location of the library offers another added bonus, with the Violet Town Cafe next door providing another welcomed location for surfing the internet.

‘‘And in the courtyard there is a table where the wi-fi still works,’’ he said.

‘‘Next year my tastes may change but for now the library suits me just fine.

‘‘Oh! And if you’re wondering which table (at the cafe) it is ... Just run your fingers under them all and stop when you feel my chewing gum!’’

And if you’re wondering what the judges thought, Isaac won the Years 3/4 trophy.