Truckies on relief run get all clear

By Country News

The NSW Government has slashed red tape in an effort to make it easier for truck drivers to transport hay to drought-affected farmers.

Last week the government and National Heavy Vehicle Regulator announced the introduction of a new exemption notice that would allow eligible vehicles transporting hay in NSW to travel under notice and without a permit.

The NHVR has also announced it is streamlining the application process for trucks that do not meet the conditions of the notice.

Heavy vehicles, including B-doubles up to 26m long, 2.83m wide and up to 4.6m high on the approved 4.6m high network and on all approved roads will not require a permit to carry hay.

Access permits for road trains on currently unapproved roads will also be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

NSW Farmers’ roads and maritime servicesspokesman Wayne Dunford said the changes would make a difference for thousands of farmers across the state.

‘‘More hay on trucks will reduce financial costs and increase efficiency at a time when farmers are facing difficult conditions,’’ Mr Dunford said.

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