RSPCA accused of hijacking egg survey

By Country News

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MP Robert Borsak has condemned RSPCA Australia for hijacking a legitimate CSIRO survey on the Australian egg industry for its own political purposes.

According to Mr Borsak, RSPCA Australia sent out an email on August 28 inviting recipients to complete a survey on the egg industry.

‘‘RSPCA disguised the fact that they had simply hijacked the CSIRO survey,’’ Mr Borsak said.

‘‘They added comments designed to sway public opinion, against producers, immediately before completing the survey.

‘‘It also included a question that was not at all relevant to eggs or egg production.

‘‘This is a scurrilous and biased attack on Australian egg producers, clearly designed to influence respondents’ opinions.

‘‘The CSIRO survey could potentially be corrupted and invalidated by the RSPCA’s dirty trick and attempt to sway public opinion.’’

The CSIRO survey is part of a three-year research program, funded by Australian Eggs, which will examine the relationship between the egg industry and the Australian community.

The survey aims to understand community views on the impacts and contributions of the egg industry across areas such as the environment, animal welfare, food security and livelihoods.

The National RSPCA was contacted for comment but declined to do so.

The CSIRO declined to become involved in political matters.

■CSIRO encourages all Australians to take part in the public survey, which closes on September 7 and can be found at: https://australianeggscommunity