Keep track of service history

By Rodney Woods

A new smartphone and tablet application called Farm Service Manager is set to modernise the recording of service and maintenance history for farm equipment and vehicles, eliminating the need to keep paper records.

Farm Service Manager is the idea of NSW farmer David Ricardo and is a multi-user app which logs services and other maintenance for farm plant, equipment and vehicles.

It can be used for all machinery, from tractors and harvesters through to planters, cars, trucks and small motors.

Farm Service Manager can also log different types of service to each machine, whether that be a full service by the local mechanic or just a quick fix by the farmer, contractor or their employee.

Along with his brother Peter, David farms 9000ha, growing wheat, chickpeas, faba beans, canola, barley and dryland cotton under a zero-till, controlled-traffic system.

He came up with the idea after years of keeping notebooks and logbooks full of service records for his machinery.

‘‘We used to keep a service logbook in a central position on the farm, but two years ago that book went missing temporarily,’’ David said.

‘‘During that time, we missed services which weren’t followed up.

‘‘This can have serious consequences on the longevity of the machinery as well as its resale value.

‘‘We have two farms 20km apart, so there is machinery going back and forth between the farms — and as well as my brother and I, we have a team of employees who all need to be on the same page with regard to each machine’s maintenance and service record.

‘‘That’s why I thought if we have an app which is an electronic version of a notebook or service logbook then the same records can be accessed by everyone for each piece of machinery.’’

■Farm Service Manager is available now from the App Store or Google Play.

More information is available at: