Fibreglass ‘herd’ is at Melbourne show

By Country News

A ‘herd’ of Shepparton’s Mooving Art fibreglass cows has been charming crowds at the Royal Melbourne Show this week.

A truckload of the creatively painted cattle have been scooped up from around the City of Greater Shepparton and temporarily moved to the show following a request from the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.

‘‘We sent off 18 of our lovely bovines,’’ City of Greater Shepparton tourism project officer Sharlene Putman told Country News.

She said the show people originally asked for two or three of the famed cows but the city decided to make a real impression by loaning a herd, with signs.

They include two standing cows (with skateboard and football) and the pirate model.

The herd was noticed before it even got to Melbourne.

‘‘We had a call from someone who saw the truck going down the highway and they said: ‘should they be taking away our cows?’,’’ Ms Putman said.

They have been placed in three locations, including near the food and wine pavilion and the entrance to the family adventure site.

The show is running from September 22 to October 2. The main dairy competition is on Thursday, September 27.