Weird is so wonderful

By Country News

From twine and rubber to rakes and bird tape, Elmore Field Days Ag Art Wear competition sees something unexpectedly beautiful created from everyday agricultural items.

The display of weird, wacky and wonderful garments is now in its 18th year and will see a new category introduced for new designers.

Joining the existing categories of Avant Garde, Designer, 18 Years and Under and Hats, the new Novice category is hoping to welcome a host of new entrants to the competition.

‘‘Every year is a strong competition so we’re hoping to encourage people who haven’t entered before to get involved and have a go,’’ Elmore Field Days general interest chair Lorraine Trewick said.

‘‘Once they get a taste they’re often hooked.’’

Having brought the competition idea over from New Zealand in 2000, Mrs Trewick said it had been wonderful to see it grow into a fixture of the annual three-day event.

Over the years, items including bones, spark plugs, tractor tyre cubes and even sheep manure lacquered to look like beads have taken a walk down the runway.

With the competition growing fiercer each year, Mrs Trewick said the designs continued to get more elaborate and impressive.

‘‘The top designers are doing a lot of research and finding some really unique items,’’ she said.

‘‘There are often things I haven’t even heard about ... I never know what’s going to be entered.’’

Everything from jewellery to footwear worn by the models must be made from everyday items found around the farm.

‘‘There’s been plenty of interest in the event and we always hope to put on a good show,’’ Mrs Trewick said.

■Parades will run twice a day, at 11am and 2pm in the auditorium, and the finalists will be announced on Thursday, October 4, at 2pm.