Snakes alive! Python is back

By Country News

In what seems like a case of Groundhog Day, the python on the Gannawarra property of Irene and Frank Trezise has apparently returned.

Irene spoke to Country News and said she assumed their new ‘‘pet’’ had hibernated in the roof before popping its head out one night recently.

She said the python was a harmless species and helped ‘‘keep down the rats and mice’’.

The 2.2m python was first spotted about two years ago and was inspected by scientists from Parks Victoria, who took a DNA sample.

Missing Perth Zoo tortoises are finally found

The same man who allegedly stole two critically endangered tortoises from Perth Zoo seven years ago went back in 2016 and pinched another, police say.

A Madagascan radiated tortoise was stolen from the zoo in June 2011 and another one was taken in September that year.

Then in February 2016, a 10-year-old tortoise of the same species was pilfered but returned within days after being dumped at a police station in a backpack.

The first two, now aged about 22, were finally recovered last week.

One was found in the backyard of the 29-year-old man’s Girrawheen home when police responded to reports of a burglary. Days later, they found the other tortoise at a 35-year-old woman’s house.

Police say the man has been charged with three counts of possessing stolen or unlawfully obtained property.