NDIS is not robbed: PM

By Country News

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has angrily dismissed claims money meant for the National Disability Insurance Scheme will be redirected to a drought fund.

The Federal Government will inject $3.9billion into the Future Drought Fund from 2020, with the total kitty expected to rise to $5billion by 2028.

The initial investment comes from money earmarked for the NDIS, but Mr Morrison insists the move won’t leave the scheme short.

‘‘This lie that somehow the NDIS is being taken from to support our farmers is rubbish,’’ Mr Morrison said last week.

‘‘I think it has created needless anxiety amongst parents of families with children and with others who live with children with disabilities.’’

Mr Morrison said the government’s strong economy and budget management allowed the drought fund, which will release $100million a year from its start date, to be created.

‘‘The NDIS is 100 per cent fully funded. Every last dollar, every last cent,’’ he said.