Family best on field

By Country News

Step aside Armanis, Fendis and Ferragamos, Echuca-Moama has its own fashion dynasty.

Julian Christian and children Felix, Imogen, Jemima and Millicent took out first prize for this year’s Emirates Stakes Day family Fashions on the Field.

Last year, Mr Christian’s sister Annalese and her family scooped the same top prize.

And, almost seeming too good to be true, in 2016 his sister Cecelia and her children were also named winners for the family section.

It was a perfect three-peat for the stylish Echuca born-and-bred clan.

Best of all, there are still five more siblings (and their families) left to have a run at the title.

Based on the past three years, it looks like further wins could be in the bag.

Mr Christian said the outfits came together in a mad dash after he and the children decided to enter at the last minute.

‘‘I drew the short straw and was chosen to accompany the kids on the day,’’ he said.

‘‘My wife Michelle and sister put all the outfits together. They did a bit of research into the current season colours and decided to go with lilac.’’

But after plenty of blood, sweat and tears and a dash of drama à la Vogue magazine, it all came together as a stunning splash of co-ordinated colour — and suddenly the family members found themselves striking a pose on the Emirates stage.

‘‘I was ready for it to be over after the first round, I was a bit embarrassed and had a mate there waving at me,’’ Mr Christian said.

‘‘But then we made it to the prelims and my daughter said, ‘Don’t worry Dad, it’ll be done soon’.’’

Through to the top 10, the Christians waited anxiously for the winner to be announced.

‘‘They made it to number nine and we still hadn’t been named. Then we heard the 10 number called — and Imogen said, ‘That’s us, Dad!’’’

Mr Christian’s wife Michelle immediately sent the good news to his parents in Echuca.

‘‘It was really nice for mum and dad, as it’s been tough on the farm lately,’’ he said.

‘‘Dad loves it, he’s been heavily involved in Echuca Racing Club for more than 40 years, until recently.’’

While many families follow the races’ fashion circuit to enjoy the spoils of victory, Mr Christian said they did it for the children.

‘‘I’m not really into this sort of thing, but it’s really good for the kids’ confidence,’’ he said. ‘‘I didn’t have a lot of those opportunities growing up, so it was great to see the kids on a stage, smiling and making a cheeky pose for the judges.

‘‘While we were heading there, I told the kids, ‘Whatever happens, let’s just have fun’.

‘‘And we definitely did.’’

For the win, the family received:

■A Corporate Traveller voucher to the value of $5000.

■Myer gift card to the value of $4000.

■One $2000 Antler voucher for luggage.

■A TCL TV package including a 55’’ Ultra HD Android TV and 43’’ Ultra HD, TV valued at $2198.

—Charmayne Allison