New silo art on way for Goorambat

By Country News

Goorambat’s landscape will have a new attraction, with Melbourne artist Jimmy DVate returning this week to paint another silo.

One year after completing the original artwork on the silos, DVate was coy about what the new artwork would be, but promised it would link to the town’s history.

‘‘It will be a historical homage to the roots of the town and their farming history,’’ he said.

The new artwork will be painted on the metal silo closest to the Railway Hotel.

‘‘When everyone’s relaxing at the pub, they’ll have something to look at,’’ DVate said.

Due to arrive in Goorambat on March 27, DVate said he expected the artwork to be almost finished by the time the Wall to Wall Festival began on April 5.

He said the reaction to the Goorambat silos, which depict a farming scene and a barking owl, had been ‘‘awesome’’.

‘‘I’m looking forward to getting out of Melbourne, it’s like a family to us over there in Goorambat.’’