Managing wind erosion

By Country News

Farmers, advisers and community groups are encouraged to attend a forum on wind erosion management in Wedderburn, featuring an experienced wind erosion expert.

Co-ordinated by Agriculture Victoria, the forum will feature Dr John Leys, who is the leader of Australia’s Dust Watch program and senior principal scientist at the Office of Environment and Heritage in Gunnedah, NSW.

Dr Leys will discuss the importance of ground cover in protecting soils from wind erosion and the influence of different crop types and farming systems and provide advice on strategies to minimise the risk of erosion. He will also discuss practical strategies to halt soil drift once it commences in a paddock.

While widespread changes in dryland management practices during recent years have reduced the incidence and severity of erosion, dust storms can still occur during extreme wind events according to Dr Leys.

The free Wedderburn forum will be held on Thursday, March 28 from 9am to noon at Wedderburn Golf Club.

■To register, visit: or phone Martin Hamilton on 0429 946 149.