Consultation is too late

By Country News

In Country News (October 30) it was interesting to note that the Murray-Darling Basin Authority is now consulting scientists in regard to implementing the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Perhaps the authority should have consulted scientists years ago.

One particular issue that should be consulted on, is usage of such rivers as the Goulburn and Murray as irrigation channels to transfer irrigation and environmental flows further west.

As a person who has in the past studied soil science, it beggars belief that the MDBA would consider using the rivers for artificial, high, continuous oscillating flows, which will extensively destroy the banks and floors of these rivers.

The reason is simple.

The soils that these rivers flow through are sodic soils (high traces of sodium in the clay particles); consequently these unnatural flows cause the riparians areas to dissolve and disintegrate, causing the rivers to destruct.

I only wish common sense would prevail in this whole basin plan debacle, but common sense is not common.

—Robert Watson