Valley Gallery

Devenish silo art tells a story

By Alana Christensen

A World War I nurse is emerging on the Devenish silo, as artist Cam Scale continues to paint the towering structure.

Mr Scale started last Wednesday, and the final artwork will depict the nurse and a modern combat medic in commemoration of 100 years since the World War I armistice was signed.

Driven by a small group of Devenish locals, the artwork has been largely community funded with support from some major sponsors, and is expected to be completed before Anzac Day.

Mr Scale, who has also painted a silo in the South Australian town of Kimba, said he was relishing the opportunity to paint the GrainCorp-owned silo, which hasn’t been used for more than a decade.

‘‘They’re a great canvas and the texture of the surface is really interesting. They’re just really beautiful,’’ Mr Scale said.

‘‘The community have been great and everything is really positive. It should be a bit of a drawcard for the town.’’

For Devenish Silo Art Committee members Kevin Mitchell and June Howard, seeing the silo art come to life has been a satisfying project.

They and their fellow committee members received a sneak peek of what the final artwork will look like when Mr Scale projected it onto the silo last week.

‘‘It was just sensational,’’ Mr Mitchell said. ‘‘The artwork certainly fitted the bill. We had about 50 people from Devenish go and fight in World War I so it’s highly significant.

‘‘People have donated very generously and we’ve had some tremendous help from some sponsors. It’s been a big co-operative effort.’’

The duo said it was an opportunity to spark some thought about the sacrifices many people from Devenish and its surrounds made in joining the war effort.

‘‘There’s a story to tell with our silos,’’ Ms Howard said.

‘‘We certainly wanted to make a statement and encourage people to think and learn about it. We’re very, very proud with what we’ve achieved.’’

With nearby Goorambat and Tungamah also featuring art on their silos, Mr Mitchell said there had been preliminary discussions regarding a potential silo art trail, but in the short term the committee hoped the silo art would draw more people to the town.