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GrainCorp confirms they won’t approve anymore artwork applications in 2019

By Rodney Woods

If you are hoping silo owners GrainCorp will accept your town’s proposal for silo art in 2019, you’re out of luck, as the company has confirmed it won’t be accepting any more applications before the end of the year.

‘‘GrainCorp has put a hold on accepting new proposals for silo artworks until next year, as we currently have several sites confirmed for completion over the next few months,’’ GrainCorp corporate affairs manager Jess Simons said.

‘‘Once the 2019-20 harvest is under way, our teams will be fully committed to servicing our grower customers.

‘‘We look forward to working with regional communities in the new year to bring their silo artworks to life.’’

Ms Simons explained how GrainCorp was involved in the artworks.

‘‘The communities work tirelessly to raise funds for their silo artworks, and GrainCorp provides the canvas and contributes considerable funding towards legal fees, media support and maintenance of the silos,’’ she said.

‘‘GrainCorp does not make any money whatsoever from the projects; our involvement in the creation of artworks on our sites is purely to improve the visual amenity of those regional communities, as well as assist the communities to attract visitors to support the local economy.’’

The company said it was excited about being involved in the continuation of the art trail.

‘‘The silo art movement has provided a powerful tourism drawcard in the bush, with those communities reporting an increase in trade, as well as nationwide media attention,’’ Ms Simons said.

‘‘We’re excited to see the silo art trail continue to expand to even more communities across our network in the future, giving travellers another great reason to get out of city areas and explore our regional communities.’’