Review vision is welcomed

By Country News

The new strategic review of Goulburn-Murray Water has been welcomed by Goulburn Regional Partnership chair David McKenzie as an opportunity to enhance the future of the water corporation.

‘‘The entire economic and social future of northern Vitoria is going to be reliant on a sustainable irrigation system,’’ Mr Mckenzie said last week.

Water Minister Lisa Neville has released the report by a strategic advisory panel, which called for a change in structure and further work on developing savings to keep future prices down.

Mr McKenzie said he hoped the panel’s report would provide a road map for G-MW’s strategic future.

‘‘Agriculture and irrigation are at the core of the future of Northern Victoria.’’

Mr McKenzie said the greatest contribution that G-MW could make to the region was to deliver the best quality and most reliable water delivery system.

He said he had a sense that many of the changes were already under way.

‘‘I think this is calling on an acceleration of what is happening already.’’

Mr McKenzie noted the goal of delivering pricing increases limited to CPI levels and said this was a remarkable goal, considering the big cost increases being handed to business by other public utilities.

‘‘That represents no real increase in charges,’’ he said.

‘‘I’m looking forward to a progression in G-MW’s plans for a sustainable future delivering an efficient irrigation system.’’