Visitors study irrigation

By Country News

Farmer directors of irrigation districts, irrigation district managers, system operator engineers and irrigation researchers made up a group of 19 from the United States who were in Australia last week for a study tour.

The tour, organised by Irrigation Leader Magazine in the US, allows those on the tour to learn about Australia’s irrigation systems and to take ideas back to their organisations.

‘‘It is an educational study tour organised by the Irrigation Leader Magazine and is really for interested parties throughout the United States to see how irrigation systems in Australia have been modernised,’’ Rubicon director Tony Oakes said.

‘‘The benefits of the tour are they can see the massive improvements, both in technology and policy reform, that has transformed the Australian irrigation industry and they are seeking to learn how to apply our experiences to their problems and challenges.

‘‘An important aspect of the tour is the farmer to farmer interaction,’’ he said.

As part of the visit, the tour visited Goulburn-Murray Water and Russell Pell’s Wyuna property, where he runs an automated irrigation system.

Mr Oakes said the reason for visiting the places they did was to best show off Australia’s infrastructure.

‘‘They’re the best places to showcase the outcomes of the reform programs.’’