Wetland gets a drink

By Country News

Gaynor Swamp will receive water for the environment during coming weeks to maintain the health of the wetland’s vegetation and provide habitat for a variety of frogs and waterbirds including brolgas.

Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority environmental water manager Simon Casanelia said this would be the first time water set aside for the environment had been delivered to the wetland, which is part of the Corop lakes system.

‘‘For a number of years the local community has been asking for environmental flows to be delivered to the wetland and now, because we have suitable infrastructure in place, we can deliver up to 500Ml,’’ Mr Casanelia said.

‘‘This will partially fill the wetland, which holds approximately 1900Ml when full. The timing aims to mimic the more natural wetting and drying patterns of the wetland before they were altered by weirs, dams and channels.’’

A recent aerial image of the wetland was used to create a model of the wetland that will be used to inform the ongoing planning, management and monitoring of environmental water delivery.

‘‘Our staff will monitor water depth and quality along with the response of vegetation, frogs and waterbirds,’’ Mr Casanelia said.

Timing of the environmental flows takes into consideration delivery orders by irrigators and other water users and feedback from the community via the Goulburn Broken CMA’s environmental water advisory groups.

■If you are interested in participating in the environmental water advisory groups or for more information, visit: www.gbcma.vic.gov.au/ or phone 5822 7700.