Markers to be installed

By Country News

A range of new emergency markers will be installed at Lake Eppalock in coming weeks, making it the first water body in Victoria to have a substantial number of emergency markers on hand.

The markers, organised via the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), mean that in an emergency situation the 000 caller can quote a unique alphanumeric code made up of three letters and three numbers which appear on the emergency marker signage.

ESTA markers manager Jeff Adair said the markers, which look like street signs, will link the code with the database and help to quickly specify the location, GPS co-ordinates, road access route or navigational data to assist the speedy dispatch of emergency services.

‘‘Many of the visitors to the lake may not know the roads they’ve used to visit, and in an emergency when asked for an address, this can delay the response,’’ Mr Adair said.

‘‘The markers provide a set of latitude and longitude data which is very specific to where they are installed, give or take an accuracy of 10m.’’

The emergency markers are due to be installed at 26 locations around Lake Eppalock, including public boat ramps, commercial caravan park boat ramps, some foreshore areas near club sites and strategic perimeter locations.

The markers are expected to be installed and ready for the 2018-19 summer season.