Basin plan hurting communities

By Alana Christensen

A group of northern Victorian and southern Riverina irrigators have begun the long trip to Canberra today, calling on state and federal water ministers to discuss their concerns regarding the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

The water ministers are set to meet in the nation's capital for the latest Ministerial Council meeting where the controversial 450Gl of 'up-water' is expected to be a key part of discussions.

“All we want is a guarantee that our communities will be protected; we don’t think that is too much to ask,” delegation organiser and Speak Up Campaign chair Shelley Scoullar said.

“As the Government proceeds with implementing the Murray-Darling Basin Plan it keeps breaking promises and ignoring calls to avoid damaging forever the social and economic fabric of our country towns and their rural surrounds.

“We do not think this is acceptable and want that fact to be known."

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