Johnson on council

By Country News

Alana Johnson from Benalla is among the new appointees to the Victorian Catchment Management Council.

The council provides independent advice on the condition of land and water resources and the priorities catchment management authorities should have for Victoria.

It will also offer advice to the government to help prepare Victoria for future environmental challenges like climate change and population growth, increasing land use, and natural disasters such as bushfires and floods.

The new council will comprise of a board of new and re-appointed members who include Dr Rohan Henry, Kristen Jackson, Dr Kirsten Shelly, Angus Hume (chair), Joan Liley, Alana Johnson and Helen Vaughan.

The members will start their appointments from October 13 for a three-year term.

Water Minister Lisa Neville thanked all departing members for their service to the catchment management sector and the community.

‘‘This board has a fantastic cross-section of experience and knowledge to help us implement our vital reforms as a part of the state’s water plan,’’ Ms Neville said.

‘‘We’re making sure Victoria’s water sector is equipped with the right people and expertise it needs to do its job and protect Victoria’s water security.’’