Register of MDBA measures

By Country News

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has improved public access to the measures that protect water for the environment, publishing a list of current legislation and plans in one central location.

A key recommendation of the 2017 Murray-Darling Basin Water Compliance Review, MDBA’s head of compliance Brent Williams said the register documented the arrangements concerning protecting water for the environment in all basin states and the ACT.

‘‘(This) means it will be easier for all water users to find and understand the measures to protect environmental water,’’ Mr Williams said.

‘‘Our job at the MDBA is to be the independent umpire, and it is clear the community wants reassurance that rules are being followed and bad behaviour is being rooted out.’’

The publication is the latest in a series of updated compliance actions undertaken as a result of the review in the past year by the MDBA.

Mr Williams said all basin governments were serious about compliance and strengthening public confidence that the rules were being followed.

‘‘Governments are committed to protecting water entitlements and rights for irrigators, the environment and communities across the whole basin,’’ he said.

The register will be updated as new measures are introduced to protect environmental water.

■For more information on the water register, visit: mdba.gov.au