Contribution allows more extensive works

By Country News

When the irrigation channel supplying Paul and Lenore Mundy’s property was slated for modernisation as part of Goulburn-Murray Water’s Connections project, they knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to upgrade their farm and improve productivity.

The dairy farmers have been on the 123.4ha Cobram East property for about three years, milking a 300-strong herd as well as running cropping enterprises.

Their son Rupert and daughter Georgia also help run the property.

With experience in modernisation under the Connections project on their previous property, this time they opted for a co-contribution agreement.

This means they contributed funds to deliver more extensive on-farm works.

‘‘We knew the best way to set our farm up to create the best possible outcome with the area we had,’’ Paul said.

With their current channel to be decommissioned, the Mundys’ property was reconnected to a modernised outlet on another nearby channel.

This included removing an old and inefficient Dethridge wheel which was not getting a lot of use.

On the property, the co-contribution agreement allowed for a new gravity on-farm channel to be constructed and aligned to make the most of the farm’s geographical layout, as well as developing new bays.

The reconfiguration process gave the Mundys the opportunity to work with the project in planning for modernisation and the future of the farm.

For Paul and Lenore, one of the keys to the success of their modernisation was that their experiences and opinions were listened to and taken into consideration throughout the process.

Since modernising, they say it has greatly benefited the running of the property, including increased on-farm efficiencies.