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Northern Victorian irrigators see allocation increase, but NSW Murray general security remains on zero

By Alana Christensen

NSW Murray irrigators have not received any general security allocation, despite weeks of pleading with water authorities to increase their allocation from zero per cent.

Allocations remained unchanged at Friday's announcement, as producers continue to content with no allocation and rising water prices.

In northern Victoria allocations rose slightly with the Goulburn system and the Loddon system rising one per cent to 95 per cent high-reliability water shares (HRWS).

The seasonal determination in the Broken system remains at 32 per cent HRWS and the Murray, Campaspe and Bullarook systems remain at 100 per cent HRWS.

Resource Manager Mark Bailey said there was a small improvement to water availability to enable seasonal determinations to increase.

"Even though conditions through January were particularly hot and dry, updated water use information showed there was a small amount of water to allocate in the Goulburn and Loddon systems," Dr Bailey said.

Dr Bailey urged water users to continue planning their water needs carefully.