Working Dogs

Mates rate the best Go Gettas

By Country News

How did they get their names?

The first part is the stud name and then I just pick it. I normally choose not-too- common names. But I do give the next generation of dogs similar names.

When did you get your first dog?

I bought Pip at four months old from Joe Spicer, from Go Getta Kelpies, when I was 11.

Are they better paddock or yard dogs?

Some bloodlines are naturally better at one or the other. Then I train them to be more flexible as they get older. I try to make them an all-rounder and I try to keep all commands the same all throughout the stud. They work well together as a team.

How do they get on with other animals?

They like stirring up the goat. It’s like they are stalking the goat. Any others they see are the cows and sheep and they are working them. They are used to people being on the farm, like workers. They love people patting them.

Do they like to travel?

Anything to do with work or going anywhere, they think is great fun. They like the ute a fair bit. They love going anywhere, especially at night because they think they are going to the dairy.

Have any of them had an injury?

Pip broke her leg at 18 months but none of the others have.

What would you do without them?

I’d struggle a fair bit. They are just good mates as well as working dogs. I’d have to do most stock jobs on my own. With dogs, it is more labour efficient. A good dog is as good as 10 men.

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Rodney Woods