Working Dogs

Big heart in a small package

By Country News

What is Goldie’s working ability like?

Allan: She gets excited working cattle or sheep. Sometimes she gets that excited she will nip me. I’m always worried she will get kicked by the cattle, which she did once. If I don’t want her chasing them, I’ll tie her up on the bike.

I hear Goldie is quite the watchdog.

You know when she’s bailed up a snake. You know by her bark. She’s always the welcoming party and rushes to meet them (visitors).

What does her diet consist of?

She’s a fussy eater. She won’t have bread crust without butter. Her favourite food is Kentucky Fried Chicken. She has cheese for breakfast every morning. Dry food and tin food are rubbish to her.

Does she have any odd habits?

She goes and hides when the lawnmower comes out. She knows it throws stones. She’s scared stiff of thunder — she’ll hear it long before we do.

How does she get on with other dogs?

Playing with other dogs is not on.

What does she like and dislike about travel?

I just sold my last buses (Allan retired from bus driving recently). She loved the Ford Transit but not the Toyota. She doesn’t like travelling in the motorhome but she’s rapt when we get there (to the destination). She’s not interested in the car but the motorbike is a different story.

What would you do without her?

I’d probably get another dog straight away. She’s great company and I think she claims me as her boss.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods