Working Dogs

Trio of happy and loyal helpers

By Country News

What breeds are they?

Poppy and Tilly are labs (Labradors) and Joole is a koolie.

What are their personalities like?

Labs are loyal happy dogs. I wouldn’t want anything else but having said that, I am a sucker for anything that needs a home.

Joole is very needy. She’ll be under your feet when there’s thunder and lightning. If she could be inside she’d be on the bed. Joole throws herself on the ground looking for a pat. That’s her nature. Poppy is lovely and I think that is seen in her pups. I have never had a bad rap from any puppy owners. Tilly is shy. She is a real family dog.

Do they have their own kennels?

Joole and Tilly are locked up. Poppy is our guard dog, she is never locked up. She protects our one chicken from the foxes. I think she’d make sure people wouldn’t get out of the car if they had bad intentions.

How do they get on with the horses?

They don’t like the horses. If I’m on the horse, they’ll stay at home.

Have they had any injuries?

Joole had a run-in with a rat bait once. She was just getting over that and got bitten on the nose by a tiger snake. She’s the most expensive non-working dog we’ve ever had. She’s cost us quite a lot over time, Joole has.

What would you do without them?

I don’t want to think about that. I guess I’d take on others. We’ve always had dogs. I lost a Jack Russell to a snake bite. I couldn’t go anywhere without her.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods