Working Dogs

Loyal, gentle and top workers

By Country News

How did they get their names?

David: Bozzy was named after the owner we got him off.

Jake: Stella we got from the pound so she already had a name. Sofia (Jake’s eldest child), who is 6, chose Stella from the pound. Tex is named after Adelaide (AFL) captain Taylor Walker.

What are their personalities like?

Jake: They are unbelievable with the kids. They are very loyal.

David: They are very gentle.

How good a worker is Tex?

Jake: He’s brilliant. He’s very, very good. All you have to do is whistle and off he goes to bring the cows to the dairy for me.

How obedient are they?

Jake: Tex responds to myself and Dad pretty well. Stella will listen to the kids. She will sit for them.

Do they like to travel?

Jake: If you put Bozzy in the tractor or on the motorbike he will go to sleep straightaway. They like the ute and the motorbike.

How do they get on with each other and other dogs?

Jake: They tolerate each other. Bozzy and Stella play with each other a fair bit but Tex just tolerates them. Other dogs they don’t like at all.

What do they get to eat?

Jake: Normal dog pellets and whatever they find — grain and milk.

What would you do without them?

Jake: I’d replace them. The kids would be shattered without Stella. They love her and she loves them. She plays with them on the trampoline. With Tex, we’d have to spend time training up another dog.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods