Working Dogs

Rusty’s enjoying retirement

By Country News

Was he a good working dog before retirement?

Barry: He was a real good yard dog but I didn’t get him to do much in the open. When we got him, he didn’t work. Reece (Chessells) took him and said he was more of a trial dog than a paddock dog.

Does he like to travel?

Pauline: Yes, he likes to travel. Don’t mention car because he thinks he’s going somewhere. He loves the car. He goes most places with us. (When on the farm) He loved the motorbike and he used to go on the tractor.

Has he ever run away?

Pauline: No. When we first got here, Barry set boundaries. He won’t even go to the letterbox because it’s past the big tree.

Barry: He won’t go on the road.

Is he scared of anything?

Barry: He doesn’t like duck season. When the gunshots go off, he’s petrified. He has a thing with the microwave and some phones.

Has Rusty ever had an injury?

Barry: No. The most he’s had is a bindii in his foot.

What does he get to eat?

Pauline: Lamb’s fry, chicken wings, lamb hearts and he likes chocolate Oreos and Schmackos. Dog food isn’t good enough. He wouldn’t be a good advert for them (dog food companies).

Where does he sleep?

Pauline: He originally had a bed in the garage but now he has graduated to the back porch.

Does he have a bad habit?

Pauline: He’ll cock his leg on everyone’s wheels. That’s his one bad habit.

What would you do without him?

Pauline: We’d be very lost. I never thought I’d have a dog like him. I don’t know what we would do without him.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods