Working Dogs

Handy pair when cattle about

By Country News

How did Coota get his name?

We got him from Cootamundra so we put a lot of thought into the name.

What are their personalities like?

Coota is a very friendly dog, who lives to work. Oscar is very loyal to me. He’s very smart. He knows when I’m drafting the horses, to sit outside the paddock and watch.

He’s only seen the cattle a couple of times now but he is showing plenty of potential and is learning from Coota.

What’s Coota’s working ability like?

He’s very good. He is a great paddock dog but not so great in the yard. You can send him around five or 500 cattle and he’ll bring them to you.

Are they scared of anything?

Coota is scared of storms. One time we caught him next to the guinea fowl during a storm.

How do they get on with other animals?

Coota loves the chooks and the guinea fowl. He’s very gentle. These two are really great with other dogs ... very friendly.

Do they like to travel?

Yes. You can’t get Coota out of the ute sometimes. Oscar goes in the tractor.

What do you give them to eat?

Coprice working dog biscuits. They get scraps and whatever goes off in the fridge.

Have they been involved in accidents?

My horse stood on Oscar’s foot. He was only 10 weeks old.

What would you do without them?

I’d be lost without Coota when the cattle get out. I’m not sure what I’d do without my dogs. They’re entertainment.

Words: Rodney Woods

Pictures: Julie Mercer