Working Dogs

Colleagues do the job

By Country News

How did they get their names?

Boof was a big, boof-headed pup and Spike came with his name.

How old are both dogs?

Spike is around five and Boof would be around three.

Do they prefer cattle or sheep when working?

Boof works cattle and sheep. He’s a good backing dog and in the shed. He is a very good goat dog. He loves catching billy goats. Spike — we use him on rougher cattle, he’s got a lot of bite. He’s more of a cattle dog than a sheep dog. They are good all-round dogs.

Spike is only a little dog. He’ll lay around the house and he doesn’t like doing much. Many a time he has been seen swinging off the nose or ear of a bull. He doesn’t say no, he doesn’t back down. When he’s shook off he’s straight back in there, back at it again.

How would you describe their relationship?

Boof’s the boss. They don’t fight but they’re (just) work colleagues.

How do they get on with other animals?

They don’t like cats, that’s for sure.

I hear they enjoy the sound of a whip cracking. Is this right?

They love a stock whip. They love the sound of a whip cracking. They go mad.

Do they have special talents?

Boof’s a good jumper. He’ll jump anything.

Do they enjoy travelling in the truck?

They don’t have much say in it. They enjoy coming in the truck. They are in there at the minute. When nothing is in the crate, they run up and down there.

What would you do without them?

I’d do it a lot harder without them.

Words: Rodney Woods

Pictures: Julie Mercer