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Clever farm friend

By Country News

How did Molly get her name?

We got her as a pup and she didn’t have a name. Nan came over to visit and she knew a beautiful (dog named) Molly and it stuck.

What is her personality like?

She’s extremely intelligent. She’s a very polite type of dog.

What commands does Molly respond to best?

Anything that I tell her. Stay, wait, come. She responds incredibly to people, especially me. You can talk to her as if she is a human — she understands, it’s unbelievable.

How intelligent is Molly?

She knows when I put my runners on, it’s time for walk. If I bring the laptop out she knows I’m going to work and doesn’t bother getting up, but if I put my riding boots on she is straight out there ready to horse-watch.

Have you got any stories about Molly?

A couple of Christmases ago, Gran wasn’t well and in bed and we had Christmas by her bed because she couldn’t get out — and of course Molly came. We had a cousin, who was 18 months old, and Molly sat on the floor and he (Theodore) got up on the bed by stepping on her and then onto the bed to Gran. That’s a testament to her (Molly’s) patience.

What does she eat?

Leftovers and dry food ... leftovers are her favourite.

How does she get on with other dogs?

Sometimes we refer to her as a Nanna. She is so patient with pups. She is too good for older dogs and doesn’t have anything to do with them.

Does she travel often?

She goes to every single horse competition we go to. She sits behind the driver’s seat and she’ll sit there as long as she has to. You wouldn’t even know she was there.

What would you do without Molly?

I don’t want to imagine it. They say you realise a good dog when they’re gone. I’m just lucky I realise now I have a once-in-a-lifetime dog. She’s my best friend, that’s for sure.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods