Working Dogs

Eager pup is a good student

By Country News

Yundool sheep and cattle farmer Barry Storer is used to having his canine companions by his side. With young and boisterous kelpie pup Dusty learning the ropes as a working dog and twoyear-old rescue dog Lucy running around the farm, there’s never a dull moment.

What are their names and how old are they?

Lucy is a Jack Russell cross, the vet tells us she’s two. And Dusty is a five-month-old black and tan kelpie.

When did you get them?

My daughter saw Lucy at the pound and said ‘she’s ideal for Dad’ and so I just said ‘all right, I’ll take her’. My daughter named her Lucy, I dunno why she called her that but she did and I just went along with it.

Dusty’s a pup but he’s got good breeding, I got him from my son when one of his employees was moving to town and couldn’t take him with him. I was thinking of Slim Dusty and just thought ‘oh yeah, Dusty’s not a bad name’.

Seems like Dusty might get up to a bit of mischief as a young pup. Has he done anything memorable?

Oh yes. He’ll go outside and I’ll come out going ‘where’s my boots?’ and he’s taken them and run off into the garden and just got them out there. There was another time I answered my phone and took the leather cover off and popped it down. I was chatting away and hung up and turned back and thought ‘where’s the pouch gone?’. He’s gotten a hold of it and started chewing.

How are they on the farm? Is Dusty getting out there?

He’ll work out and go well. We’re just training him and breaking him in with the sheep.

Does Lucy come out much?

Lucy loves getting on the back of the motorbike. They’ll come out in the ute as well. Dusty in the back and madam here in the front. The grandkids they love them. In fact we went away recently and Lucy went to my daughter and Dusty went up to my son’s. When we came back to get her, my granddaughter was very upset because Lucy’s going home.

What would you do without them?

Well, it’d be hard work.

Words and pictures:

Alana Christensen