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Top dog Rosie captures hearts

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Mooroopna’s Craig Cox farms both dairy and beef cattle on his 20 ha property at Mooroopna and has help from Rosie the four-year-old border collie coolie cross. Rosie is a very timid dog, so much so that she was not much help in her first six months on the property. When Rosie first arrived, Craig was forced to change her name but despite all her quirks, Rosie has natural ability.

How did she get her name?

She had a feral name — JD for Jack Daniels. We have a cleaner named Rosie who comes once a fortnight and our youngest son Denzel named her after the cleaner.

What is Rosie’s working ability like?

She’s a really good working dog. She just needs a better trainer. She’s a great casting dog. She came from pretty good blood stock. She’s definitely naturally got it. If there is no-one else to chase the cattle, she’ll be there.

Is she an inside or outside dog?

She doesn’t like going inside. If the kids take her inside she will lie with them, even sleep with them. She’s so protective of the kids.

Has she ever run away?

She likes going to the dairy next door and then panics when she gets there. She’s definitely a home body.

What is Rosie like with other dogs?

She’s a bit snappy. She knows she’s top dog here and she’s first to show her teeth to another dog.

What was she like when you first got her?

Six months here and she still wouldn’t let us near her. It’s phenomenal seeing her progress from not being able to get near her to now.

What does she have to eat?

Sometimes she eats more grass than the cows do. We feed her dog food and bones. She may get a larger portion (of human food) if I’m feeding her. I definitely spoil her because she spoils me.

What would you do without her?

I’d be pretty lost without her. It would be pretty lonely outside without her.

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Rodney Woods

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