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Kyabram farmer Cameron Shandley works as a milker and helps out with her father Brendon’s hay contracting business. Keeping her company on the farm is two-year-old kelpie Kell. While many dogs gain fame after appearing on this page, Kell has already established time in the spotlight, with her own Instagram page.

Despite Cameron being Kell’s favourite, Kell has been known to go on adventures with Brendon and even some backpackers, who were working at a nearby orchard.

What’s the best and worst thing she has ever done?

The worst thing she does is when she farts in the tractor. The best thing is I’m never lonely and she’s a lap dog.

Where does she sleep?

She sleeps right beside me or on top of me half the time.

What does she eat?

Dry pellets and whatever I eat she gets a quarter of probably. She’s very spoilt.

Does Kell have any quirks?

If she goes over to the sprinkler, she’ll eat the sprinkler (water). That’s her watering trough, I guess.

Does she like travel?

Yes. She goes everywhere with me in the front of the ute. She barks at the four-wheeler. In the tractor, there are two seats — the main seat and the dickie seat. She sits on the dickie seat.

Are there any stories you can tell us about Kell?

When Dad goes to refuel the tractor she sits on the main seat and looks out the back. One day a group of Chinese tourists came behind at the petrol station and took photos because she looked like Red Dog (from the movie Red Dog).

Down the road, there’s an orchard and backpackers will walk up and down to the town (Kyabram). One day Kell decided to go with two French backpackers. The orchard owner picked up the backpackers and Kell jumped in. The owner thought Kell was with them.

Tell us about this fame that Kell already has?

She has her own Instagram page (@kellthekelpie), with 517 followers. Originally it was my account and I took photos of Kell when I first got her. I didn’t get many likes, so I just changed it to Kell’s page. Every photo has

Kell in it.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods

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