Working Dogs

Keen to keep close to owners

By Country News

Jett and Jaffa live with Anita Norris and her husband Gordon on their Violet Town property, which is home to a small horse stud. The two canines have different personalities but are the best of friends. The dogs know they are the last of the animals to be fed so will always remind Anita that it’s feeding time, and they enjoy travelling and spending time with their owners.

What are their personalities like?

Anita: Jett is so loyal and obedient and is always trying to do the right thing. He is a Velcro dog — he is always with me. Jaffa is a bit of a princess really. Jaffa has less tolerance for things. Jett loves everything. I’m not sure what else to say about her. She’s a happy dog, who always wants her comforts.

Can you tell us about what they do when they’re hungry?

If I’m working at my computer around 5 (pm), they will come into the office area and let me know to feed all the animals because they know they get fed after all the others.

How do they get along with each other or other animals?

They’re the best of friends. They are also very good with the foal. They were very good and gentle right from the start, when it was born.

Do they have any quirks?

If kangaroo shooters are out or it’s thunder and lightning, the locked door will get undone somehow and they will come in to the bedroom quivering. Jett was okay until we moved to the country. If she (Jaffa) hears the buzzy bee sound she goes and hides. I think she may have been bitten on the bottom by a wasp or a bee. Now she thinks every fly is a wasp or a bee.

What is their favourite form of transport?

They love the Polaris (utility vehicle). The minute you go outside, they are in it. They think it’s theirs. We can hardly fit in. We have to cling onto the sides. They are not silly — they are not going to walk when they can ride in style.

They love going in the car. There was so much commuting when we were building. They are happy to be in the vehicle. They like the padded seats and comfort too much.

What is your favourite thing about them?

The nicest thing about them is that they want to be with you regardless of the work. They are good company while working.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods