Working Dogs

This one’s a real Sweetie

By Rodney Woods

Why did you decide to get a bulldog?

It started with our son Mitchell wanting a bulldog — and the more I read about them, the more I didn’t want them. Mitchell kept on at me about it and Sweetie came up looking for a new home. I asked the owners about her health, because bulldogs are known for their health issues, and she had a really good health record — so we got her.

How did she get her name?

When we got her her name was Zena but she didn’t seem to respond to it. So I called the breeder the previous owners bought her off, and they called her Sweetie — so we went with that.

Where does she sleep?

She sleeps on the couch. Ideally she would like to sleep on the bed but she takes up too much room. It doesn’t stop us from hearing her snore from the bedroom.

Does she like to play ball?

She loves to play ball or with sticks or whatever but it’s all about tugging as we try and get it off her.

What does she eat?

She’s not fussy. She will eat anything. If I’m eating, she likes to share but she is normally on dry food. She likes toast and watermelon and if I have a soft serve from McDonald’s I’ll buy her one too. She also steals eggs.

What is she like with other animals?

The farm animals she’s fine with but she’s select with other dogs. She’s quite territorial over her things. She doesn’t like sharing. If I take her to the park she seems fine but at home she likes some dogs and not others.

Does she like to travel?

She loves going in the car. You have to lift her in but she will stand up with her paws on the car waiting for you to lift her bottom up.

What would you do without her?

It would be pretty lonely without her. She keeps me company everywhere.