Working Dogs

There’s no stopping Roxie

By Rodney Woods

How did Roxie get her name?

Alison: Our niece Jamie named her. She wanted her as a puppy but she wasn’t allowed to take her home.

What’s her working ability like?

Alison: Roxie is the smartest dog I’ve ever had.

David: As a working dog she’s unbelievable. You could send her half a mile and she would bring the cows back.

Alison: Once she rounded up seven cows that I didn’t even know were there. She doesn’t miss much. Retirement is not in her DNA.

Does she like to travel?

Alison: You’ve got to be quick (to get in the car) or she thinks she can go everywhere with you. At 14, she still has a good jump on her.

Can you tell us about her pregnancy?

Alison: She was in pup and we didn’t realise. She disappeared one morning and by the end of the day she was back working. Two days later, we realised she’d had pups.

Tell us about her near-death experience.

Alison: One day she was under the house and we heard her. We had to get her out — she was paralysed. She had tests and we found out she had Neospora.

David: She couldn’t swallow either. Apparently most don’t survive from it.

Alison: We had to do physio on her legs and eventually she got her front legs working and dragged herself to the dairy. That determination and willingness to work was a stand-out.

What does she eat?

Alison: A bit of everything. She’s pretty spoiled now.

David: Pretty much anything we eat.

What would you do without her?

Alison: Cry. She’s a good mate, part of the family. She’s extra special.