Working Dogs

Beloved pooch has exotic tastes

By Alana Christensen

How did you get Marble?

She was given to us by a family friend.

And how did you choose the name Marble?

She had a bit of grass seed in her eye; it’s all fixed now, but it looked kind of glazed over like a marble. That and she just rolls around, always rolling and rolling over.

How is she on the farm?

Her other name on the farm is Brainless. When we had our old dog they’d go get the cows and she’d push them in the wrong direction. She’s more a sheep dog than a cow dog. She loves to run around with the motorbike, she’s just a people’s dog.

Sounds like she’s got a bit of personality. Do you have any funny stories; is she a bit of a trouble maker?

She also once ate $180 worth of pot plants that were waiting to be planted. All different types of plants and she just ate them all. She’s also eaten the seat cushions on the chairs outside.

She’s much better now but there was a time there when I thought I couldn’t leave her alone. She used to herd the chickens. These days you’ll sometimes come outside and find her sleeping surrounding by the ducks.

She’s eaten seat cushions and pot plants. Does she have any other favourite foods?

Not really, we just feed her regular dog food and rolls. She’s happy with that.

Does she come into town with you at all?

Not generally. We’ll take her into town now and then. We took her camping recently and she’s never been much of a water dog but she actually got her paws wet this time so that was something.

What would you do without her?

Oh, I’d be lost. I’d just be lost without her. She’s just such good company.

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