Working Dogs

Wonder dog leads his family

By Rodney Woods

Why is Max known as the ‘wonder dog’?

Duane: Sometimes he’s the wonder dog.

Sarah: It’s a pretty special dog to be good at truck and paddock work.

Duane: The best thing Max has done was at the Hay sheep sale and he was loading sheep at will. That’s why he’s the wonder dog. But the next day he might not do it.

I hear Alli is lucky to still be here?

Duane: She’s a miracle puppy One of a litter of two.

Sarah: She was so tiny we didn’t know she would make it. We nurtured her a lot because she was so small.

Duane: We have a soft spot for her.

What are Reggie’s and Beau’s personalities like?

Sarah:The one-year-old pups are very keen to show instinct. If we are not on top of them they are keen to show us how good they are.

Duane: Their attention span is not there.

Do they have any funny habits?

Sarah: Tazzie sits in the passenger seat of the farm ute like she owns the place. If the neighbour has dead animals we will have a leg on the lawn. Then you get our young daughter running around with it.

Do they like attention?

Duane: We’ll give one a pat and all the others come up to your feet, jumping over each other trying to get a pat.

Sarah: They all want to be with us, wherever we go.

What would you do without them?

Sarah: We’d be well and truly lost without them.

Duane: The job would be tougher.