Late-season variety

By Country News

A new variety of wheat will give farmers the opportunity to sow later in the season without compromising yields.

Developed by Australian Grain Technologies’ Narrabri program, Sunprime is an early maturing Australian prime hard wheat, similar in maturity to Spitfire, Sunmate and Mustang, making it well suited to short seasons where sowing occurs from mid-May onwards.

While delayed planting conditions are not always ideal, Sunprime offers farmers a variety which consistently achieves high yields and strong grain quality.

This is particularly valuable in circumstances where increased risk of heat stress and below-average spring rainfall may limit yield potential in slower-maturing varieties.

National Variety Trials yield data and long-term AGT yield data have shown that Sunprime has achieved grain yield six to 10 per cent higher than Spitfire across NSW and Queensland regions, while proving adaptable even under tough conditions.

‘‘Given the season we have had in 2018, farmers may be going in to 2019 looking for quick-maturing varieties like Sunprime that provide strong results,’’ AGT marketing manager Douglas Lush said.

‘‘Another favourable trait possessed by Sunprime is helpful tolerance and resistance to soil-borne diseases, including root lesion nematode and crown rot.’’