Irrigated Cropping Council field day to be held virtually

By Rodney Woods

Local grain growers and industry representatives will be treated to a field day with a difference this year as the Irrigated Cropping Council adapts to the times to provide key information about irrigated crop research via online meeting platform Zoom.

The spring field day will be held on September 24 and Irrigated Cropping Council executive officer Charlie Aves said the cropping industry was a leader in advances in technology so it was fitting that technology was used to help disseminate research results.

“Farming doesn't stop because of COVID-19 so we aim to take the field site into the homes of growers who would normally head to a field day,” she said.

The crops at the trial site which will be discussed as part of the virtual field day.

The Irrigated Cropping Council website hosts a virtual field day page including trial videos which provide a visual walk-through of the trials, fact sheets designed to provide more information, and a sponsor's trade site so that growers can access key information from industry partners.

“The conversations that happen during field days is often where the gold lies, so for our online Zoom meeting we've asked speakers to highlight aspects of local irrigated cropping research and to set aside the majority of the time to answer your questions,” Dr Aves said.

The online field day will host key researchers including Far Australia's project leader Nick Poole, NSW DPI research development officer Alex Schultz and Irrigated Cropping Council's trial manager Damian Jones.

The Zoom meeting will run from 8.30 am to 10 am on Thursday, September 24.

To register for the virtual field day, send an email to:

Further information is available at: