Dairy farmers urged to apply for leadership program

By Rodney Woods

Gardiner Dairy Foundation is offering up to eight fully-funded places in the 2020 Victorian Regional Community Leadership Program.

The program is an opportunity for people who want to expand their contribution to the Victorian dairy industry and dairy communities.

“Our aim is to support emerging leaders by giving them access to professional development training that is based in, and focused on, their region and local communities,” Gardiner Dairy Foundation chief executive officer Clive Noble said.

The regions covered include north-west and central Victoria (Loddon Murray Community Leadership) and northern Victoria (Fairley Leadership).

Each recipient has a unique opportunity to strengthen their leadership capabilities and to make a positive difference in their local community and in the wider dairy industry.

“Through the VRCLP we have seen recipients start community projects that grow beyond the program itself,” Dr Noble said.

“They are better equipped to take on responsibilities on industry and community committees and to contribute positively in their workplaces.”

For more information about the Victorian Regional Community Leadership Program, visit the Gardiner Foundation website and follow the links or email Richard Meredith at: richard.meredith@gardinerfoundation.com.au or Ashley Eldridge at: ashley.eldridge@gardinerfoundation.com.au