Echuca multi-vendor dairy sale tops at $3900

By Rodney Woods

A multi-vendor dairy sale was held at the Echuca Saleyards on July 10, with the top priced heifer selling for $3900.

The feature offering was a line of 84 two-year old spring calving Holstein and Friesian Jersey cross heifers, the majority of which were in calf to sexed semen.

Sold by Geoff and Daryl McNeil at Koondrook, the 71 Holsteins sold up to $3900 to average $2784 while the overall average, including the 13 Friesian Jersey cross heifers, was $2601.

The main purchasers for the McNeil heifers were John and Leah Edwards from Leitchville, who also purchased 75 head from the McNeils’ Milking Cow Dispersal sale in the spring of 2019.

The Edwardses purchased 28 heifers this time around for an average of $3103, including the top priced heifer.

The other strong buyer of this herd was the large western district dairy operation Leslie Manor Trust, from Simpson, which took home 34 heifers for an average of $2604.

Chad and Kristen Gordon, from Tongala, also sold 29 Holstein heifers, which sold to a top price of $2800 each for a group of three outstanding heifers.

These heifers sold to Cohuna breeder Stuart Palmer. Mr Palmer purchased 12 heifers from the Gordon herd for an average of $2625.

The other main vendor at the sale was Dean and Dianne Hore, from Leitchville, who have sold their farm and were dispersing their Holstein herd.

The Hores offered 30 freshly calved Holstein cows which sold to a top price of $2900 and averaged $2140 per head.

Alan Dennis, from Calivil, bought eight cows from the Hores for an average price of $2387, while the bulk buyer at the sale was Gavin Dehne, from Cohuna, who purchased 49 head for an average of $1831.

Overall, 271 head sold to a gross total of $557,250 and averaged $2056 each.

The sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services in conjunction with Charles L King, from Cohuna.