Studying the need for feed

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A study team is calling for farmers to discuss their feedbase management.
Interactive workshops aim to help farmers to step back.

Stepping Up Stepping Back

The Gardiner Foundation, Dairy Australia and GippsDairy need farmer help to improve feedbase decision making and performance.

A study team led by GippsDairy and Geoff Cockfield of the University of Southern Queensland is looking to meet with farmers to discuss their motivations, goals, current practices, skills and information needs for feedbase management.

The information gathered from the hour-long interviews will help Gardiner Foundation, Dairy Australia and GippsDairy develop further strategies on feedbase extension.

A recent Gardiner Dairy Foundation and Dairy Australia study identified a realistic target to see average home-grown feed consumption per farm increase by around 3 tonnes DM/ha (over 10 years) — which could add up to $240 million in value to the industry each year.

Please help us by sharing your thoughts on growing and using pasture, and the direction you would like to see feedbase extension head.

Phone GippsDairy on 5624 3900.

Industry exit workshops

The success of recent Stepping Up Stepping Back workshops has seen GippsDairy develop a new pilot program aimed specifically at those wanting to exit the industry.

The November 9 workshop will have an emphasis on “stepping back”, with a discussion on the options available to those who are ready to leave dairy farming.

A few weeks later on November 24, another Stepping Up Stepping Back workshop will be held dealing with issues surrounding sharefarming, leasing and other partnership arrangements for people at either the beginning or end of their dairy careers.

The regular Stepping Up Stepping Back workshops are designed to be interactive and include:

    An introduction of Dairy Australia’s “Share Dairy Farming in Australia — Model Code of Practice” which assists in evaluating if you are suited to share dairy farming.

    Evaluating options: staying as an employee, share dairy farming, leasing, owner or equity partner.

    Helping individuals sort out what they want.

    Focusing on building relationships between business partners.

    Highlight mentor and professional support available.

    Real life case studies.

    Starting the process of succession.

    A resource kit to take away.

John Mulvany will facilitate both workshops, which will be held in Traralgon on November 9 (Stepping Back) and in Warragul on November 24 (Stepping Up Stepping Back).

Places are limited so contact GippsDairy on 5624 3900 or email executiveassistant@gippsdairy.com.au