New lamb record set

By Country News

Lamb prices continue to go from strength to strength, with the Bendigo record broken at the first sale of the new financial year.

A. Rinaldi, of Carisbrook, sold a pen of 45 crossbred lambs for the record price of $336/head on July 1, beating the previous record of $326/head set on June 17.

Kieran O’shannessy, from Elders Bendigo, said supply and demand continued to play a major role in the season’s prices.

‘‘Obviously supply isn’t there at the moment,’’ he said.

‘‘We probably will see these prices for another couple of months until the suckers come on.

‘‘The season looks good with most parts of Victoria having reasonable rain and sucker lambs are looking good.

‘‘We normally see sucker lambs in mid-to-late August.

‘‘If you’ve got suckers ready early you still are getting pretty good money.’’

He said farmers who could afford feed were getting the reward at the saleyards.

‘‘I don’t know whether it can go higher or it will remain steady. It’s hard to predict but producers are getting rewarded for putting a lot of grain and feed into the lambs.’’