Greens want action

By Country News

The Greens have written to the Australian National Audit Office requesting the Auditor-General conduct an examination of the live exports branch of the Federal Department of Agriculture in light of allegations of mismanagement and falsification of official records.

The Greens animal welfare spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi sent the letter and said the reviews completed so far had not gone far enough.

‘‘The review was conducted by Mr Philip Moss and identified allegations made against seven individuals relating to the deliberate suppression of claims of poor animal welfare by departmental staff,’’ the letter read.

‘‘A subsequent review into these claims, the Lawler Review, was unable to properly investigate these claims.

‘‘As such, the claims remain uninvestigated, severely undermining public confidence in the live exports branch of the Department of Agriculture.

‘‘I am also aware of at least one former employee of the live exports branch that has raised allegations of mismanagement that have not been fully investigated by the Moss Review, the Lawler Review or by the department.

‘‘I believe that an Auditor-General’s investigation is required to assess the performance, systems and integrity of the live exports branch.’’

The Australian National Audit Office was contacted for comment and said while the request was being considered, no comment would be made.

However, the office did reveal that most requests are responded to within 28 days, with the response to be uploaded to: www.