Coledale Poll Dorset Stud raises bat for half-century

By Rodney Woods

Coledale Poll Dorset Stud will celebrate its 50th anniversary when it holds its on-property sale on September 26.

Although this will be the 17th sale, the Bungeet stud was founded in 1969 for breeding rams to supply the family’s needs for flock rams and the stud was continually developed when LambPlan was introduced.

"Coledale started using LambPlan in its earliest years and continues to select sires on visual excellence and then uses sheep genetics indexes to fine-tune their breeding objectives," stud owner Wallace Binnie said.

"Coledale will offer 100 rams for sale, all with excellent visual characteristics as well as very high indexes."

The Coledale Poll Dorset Stud sale will be held on Thursday, September 26 from 1.30pm at 50 Cameron Lane, Bungeet.

The rams will be penned by 11am for inspection and a barbecue lunch will be provided.