Farmer distraught after sheep attacked by dogs

By Country News

The owner of a stud flock in Tatura East is devastated after two of her sheep were killed on Wednesday afternoon in a grisly dog attack, which has left many more animals injured.

According to owner Liz Mann, who found the Labrador dogs resting after the attack, one of the sheep had been killed outright, the other was chased into the dam and subsequently drowned, while others had their legs broken and ears bitten off.

Ms Mann said a neighbouring farmer had come to her assistance and shot one of the dogs on the property following the attack, while the other dog is suspected to have returned to its home.

Having experienced similar incidents previously, Ms Mann is urging people to take responsibility for their dogs as she fears she will have to euthanase some of the stud Poll Dorsets that were injured in the attack.

“I have had suspected dog attacks in the past, I have come home and found ewes with broken legs and a ram put through a fence, things that are unexplainable, but this is a whole new level,” she said.

“You can’t do anything, you are at the mercy of people living in town or farmlets with dogs and they don’t understand the damage their dogs can do.

“People might think their dogs are harmless, but once dogs have done it, they have a taste.’’

While she is unsure of the extent of the financial damage, Ms Mann is certain it will affect her breeding program, having lost both rams and ewes to injury.

“I can’t put a value on it; it was a stud flock,” she said.

“Stud rams sell for $2000, and I can’t sell stud rams minus ears.

“I just want people to take responsibility for their dogs.”

A vet attended the Craven Rd property to assess and treat the injured sheep.